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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How to make affiliate marketing a success...

Turning your readers into customers should be the goal of any affiliate marketer, blogger, or online entrepreneur. With the benefits of free content being obvious and easy to spot for experienced marketers, taking the final step and moving your audience from passive readers to active and happy buyers is a process involving trust, security and hope. You need to gain the trust of your readers, which is most effectively achieved by offering innovative and important free content. Then, introduce security for your product, including guarantees and important achievements that it can help readers with. In addition, you need to highlight exactly how the product can help readers get what they want from life.

First, you've got to build trust. Once you're in a position where you have a large, trusting audience behind you, you can market your products. While you can bypass trust and go straight to selling, it's never going to be as effective as building trust beforehand, and playing into straightforward sales is a sure fire method to miss long term opportunities. With affiliate marketing all about building passive income streams, selling out for the short term is the last strategy that you want to invest your time in.

Introduce your products like you would introduce a pitch to investors. Being blatant and blunt achieves nothing but scorn from your audience, and turns what could have been a successful free to paid conversion into a disappointed and annoyed reader. Whenever you're introducing an affiliate product, weigh up the pros and cons of each different type of introduction. For most bloggers and affiliate marketers, it's best to go with an introduction that highlights the virtues of your product for your audience only. If your message could be copied and pasted for any other audience, it's likely too generic and artificial to truly connect with your own.

One way to introduce readers to products without having to worry about the risk of putting their money on the line is to highlight the guarantees for your affiliate product. Instead of simply putting the product on prospective customers' plates, you should gently place it there along with the security that a guarantee and testimonials can offer. Remember, when you personally sell something you're putting your reputation on the line, and don't ever devalue yourself to sell more affiliate products. Craft a sales pitch and trust building system that not only sells products, but builds your audience at the same time.

These three steps are fundamental for your success as an affiliate marketer. While it's possible to bypass building your trusting audience, doing so distances yourself from a hugely powerful permission asset, and blocks your abilities to build long term marketing audiences. Passive income and lifestyle income are highly valuable to internet marketers, and without that permission asset it's very difficult to achieve that level of success. By taking these steps and applying these strategies, you can make sure that your affiliate marketing success weathers any storm and continues to bring in income, year after year.

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