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Monday, 21 November 2011

Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough with the New Fx Robot

The most anticipated Forex robot of the last 21 years is finally available.

A true multi-market condition robot: trending, non-trending, volatile, non-volatile Forex Megadroid nails a 95.82% accuracy rate (out of 100 trades, 95 profitable!)

Old technology based robots are a thing of the past. No more of "single market condition" robots. Produce a great proflt in one market condition, give it all away when the market changes behavior.

The Forex Megadroid robot has produced a 300.20% NET proflt over the past 3 months. That is 100% (account doubling) performance every single month!

How much proflt did it produce prior to that? Check it out here:

This is the first robot that uses a new Artificial Intelligence technology: RCTPA

You probably know by know what that means, but if you don't:

It means that this is the ONLY Forex robot that sees into the immediate future with an uncanny accuracy rate.

Every single other robot on the market will base its decisions on the past rather than the future. They simply can't see what's coming and hence they are not accurate enough performance-wise.

The KEY to breaking a new frontier in automatic robot trading is being able to trade with a robot that accurately sees what will happen rather than what HAS happened to the tune of 95.82%. This means being able to double your deposit every single month, without having to give your gains away when market conditions change.

You can see performance proof and every single detail of Forex Megadroid here:

A lot of people have been asking about client support.

This is probably one of the most important questions and I want to address.

John and Albert have hired AND trained 5 people to provide YOU with the absolute best client support you can get (of course, on top of them being part of the support team every day).

How dedicated to client support are they? Well, here is part of yesterdays live webinar:


"...It personally takes me out of my mind when I get s**t support when I'm buying something over the net or anywhere else.

We made it our FIRST priority to handle support with care, dedication and speed. You will get the same support we expect others to provide..."

Learn more about Forex Megadroid here:

This robot is going to break a new frontier in Forex trading... a frontier that has not been broken in over 20 years.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Automated Forex earnings. Check the Forex Growth Bot

Real Capital Management

The bottom line is when trading currency you need a strong capital management system or you’re bound to lose a lot of money  even if you have a killer strategy.

Specific And Carefully Calculated Entries And Exits

Forex Growth Bot aims for specific market conditions.   If all conditions align the robot will make a trade.

If conditions begin to subside, Forex Growth Bot will close trades promptly to prevent losses.

Forex Growth Bot works in all market conditions even during bad news.  You may have heard this many times before, but you probably have not heard why.

Forex Growth Bot works in any market and is able to adapt, because it will quickly close out any position that fails to go in a profitable direction.

If you are serious about selling real Forex robots that work and don't blow up a user's account, Forex Growth Bot is the answer.

Forex Growth Bot is designed with the intention of creating a profitable robot and showing people a real automated system that works and is built to adapt to the market. There's not much to say other than to show proof.

On the sales page they  are showing live statements and providing investor access to accounts that generated over 300% return!

The easiest solution by far is to automate your trades using a profitable and low risk Forex Robot. Please take a second to read what I have to say about Forex Growth Bot. I promise you will not regret it.

Forex Growth Bot is a real product.  It was developed by a GENIUS MATHEMATICIAN from Russia to free himself from the dreadful 9 to 5 job.  There are many people who already use it and have had extraordinary success.  The results above are real and speak for themselves.

Check out the website for live statement, back tests,
investor access, and MyFXBook verification!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Learn Google Spider. Doing Your Own SEO is Easy

For a long time we have all been paying huge amounts of money to SEO "experts" in efforts to improve our search engine rankings. While we all know that SEO involves maximizing the use of keywords (without getting the boot from Google for spamming) we also were told that there was more to it and that doing the best optimization, for the best results, was something that only "experts" can do. And since the success of our sites depends on the amount of traffic that Google and other search engines drive to us, we willingly pay the "experts" huge amounts of money – amounts most of us can't really afford.

Now we do have an option. It is Spider Language. It's not some exotic foreign dialect. It is the kind of language that the Google search engine robot is looking for when it is searching for results that match the keywords people have entered in the search bar.

Click Here To Download Your Free "Google Spider" Report

This is something we can all learn, no matter how technically incompetent we may be. There is now a simple easy to use course that takes just a few hours a week to learn. The lessons are supported by audio downloads, videos, webinars and mind maps. All for an amazingly low price, backed by a money back guarantee. The guarantee is something that you are unlikely to ever think of using since you start seeing results in traffic flow to your website from the very beginning. Why would anyone want to quit on that?

This is something that anyone can pick up, even a complete rookie. And the course is so easy that it will not use up more than a couple of hours of your valuable time. And, who better to optimize your website than you, the person who knows it and the business and product best? Spider language makes this so easy, you will never feel the need for the services of an SEO expert again, even though the increased traffic and business you will be getting will mean that you will be able to easily afford it!

Click Here To Download Your Free "Google Spider" Report

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Affiliate Marketing 101: Converting Your Prospects

Going from squeeze page to sale can be a difficult part of affiliate marketing. There's a massive difference between free information and information that costs even $1, and making your prospective customers convert from passively reading to pulling out their credit cards can be a difficult jump. There are really three things to check off your list before you should try to sell to your customers. First, you need to build the trust and immersion in your ideas that cause people to buy. Secondly, you need to introduce a deal so valuable and worthwhile that your prospective customers become interested. Finally, using a combination of psychological selling and informative copy, you should hook your customers into a purchase. These three steps are explained in greater detail below.

Building Trust:

This is the fundamental and primary goal of any marketing campaign. With so many competitors out there, truly innovative and powerful marketers need to build trust to ensure that their prospective customers keep coming back to them, and not falling to the competition. Building trust starts with creating value for your customers, which can take the form of free information or sample products, an informative guide, or merely brief video or text content explaining how you can help them. Without being able to offer anything for them, you can't expect your prospective customers to convert immediately.

This is where so many wannabe affiliate marketers make mistakes. Instead of building trust and creating the environment that results in sales, they sell their products short and introduce a sale from the get-go. While this may result in one-off sales and some low conversion rates, it immediately puts the buyer on the defensive, and destroys any potential trust that could have lead to greater sales. It's ultimately your decision, but the smart money (and massive payoffs) rest with building trust and introducing sales later on in the process.

This means that the most lucrative and profitable campaigns are almost never those that focus exclusively on direct ad -» sale advertising. While Google AdWords might bring in a sale now and then, it's never building relationships with your customers, never creating a permission asset, and ultimately never creating the trust that's so essential for a profitable business. Focus on trust first and foremost, and then worry about monetisation and sales targets once you've built the trusting customer.

From here, it's a matter of introducing offers that interest and entrance your prospective customers. Simply mentioning your product isn't enough -- it's about building the benefits that the product can create for your customers, and highlighting why they're so important. This part of closing a sale is introduced in greater detail in part two of this quick guide to affiliate marketing, along with the best methods to make your customers pull out their credit cards and convert from passive readers into active buyers.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, check out the free Affiliate Marketing 101 report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Best Man Speech

Only 11% of Best Men Give a Speech That
Honors The Bride and Groom?

Its true... I don't want you to be apart of that statistic, where everyone at the wedding secretly wants you to sit down and shut up because your speech was not that great. Don't be the Best Man where everyone knows you are winging it and wrote your speech the night before with little preparation. Without this book you could be walking into a nightmare, beginning your speech with enthusiasm then realizing it is not very good and it will eventually end up in a lot of awkward glares and silence because you failed at the wedding.

It's not that you are a bad person or unintelligent. It's simply because you don't know the tips, tricks and secrets to writing and performing a heartwarmingly funny wedding speech. I'll show you how to write a speech that the crowd will never forget. Remember, the important thing is... 

Well Not much writing this time. Watch this Video on the Speech tricks.

This book and resource package has been put together for people like yourself. A Best Man who just needs a little help on their speech and they don't have a lot of time. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes and using my resources, you will have the entire wedding cheering you on after you are done.

Check this out if ....

You Are The Son Of The Groom
You Are Single
You Are Confident
You Love Public Speaking
You Are A Friend Of The Groom
You Don't Know The Bride Very Well
You Hate Public Speaking
You Are The Father Of The Groom
You Are The Brother Or Relative Of The Groom
You Are Married
You Are Nervous

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

Jump to Best Man Speeches Made Easy

Here is how the wedding will play out after reading the book: 
  • You come rested and excited to the wedding, knowing you have a daunting presence and speech prepare
  • You know all your duties as a Best Man and perform them accordingly throughout the day
  • You actually have fun and enjoy yourself because you have no fear of your speech
  • You look forward to the moment you can stand up and speak about the Bride and Groom
  • People stare in awe at your orating skills and speech writing excellence
  • The Groom tells you it was the best thing he has ever heard in his life
  • You practically steal the wedding away from the newly weds

Friday, 11 November 2011

How to Stop Your Affiliate Links from Getting Hijacked

Just the other day I was looking through the stats from one of my affiliate marketing campaigns and noticed that I was suddenly converting at under 5%. Considering I was using a sales funnel that had been tested again and again to convert over 40% - I was extremely confused. Of course I double checked all of the statistics and assumed it would pick up in a day or two. Well a week passed.

It STAYED at under 5% conversion.

I just couldn't figure out why it was converting so low. I decided to ask one of my online friends who was an established internet marketer and he just laughed and said, 'you aren't using anything to cloak your links, are you?'

Unfortunately I wasn't, I actually had no idea how to cloak my links or why I should. After asking him a little more about it I figured out why you should always cloak your affiliate links - people and programs will change your affiliate link to their own and steal your commissions! There is a type of spyware that does just that, whenever a user visits a ClickBank product (as well as other affiliate programs), it replaces the referrer ID with the spyware creator's.

That means I was basically handing over all of my commissions to this thief. The worst part is that I had lost a few days of sells already, I wish I had known about cloaking links before that points. There are a bunch of ways to cloak links, but some break the cookies while others screw up the redirect.

If you aren't positive of your sales being genuine and correct, it may be that someone is stealing your commissions. This is especially true if you've recently noticed a drop in sales, or if your campaigns are performing well under your expectations. It isn't extremely hard to find a guide about link cloaking, but most don't take affiliate marketing into account and might screw up the cookies so you STILL don't get commissions.

Other than link cloaking there isn't a definitive way to stop others from hijacking your affiliate links. Luckily you can implement a cloak on your links within minutes, you just need to find a good cloak. The problem definitely isn't a lack of available programs - it's a lack of programs that actually work and get you the sale.

You can split test your campaign a thousand times and set up brilliant sales funnels, but it won't make a difference if you aren't using a good link cloaking program or service.

Discover more about link cloaking in the free Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Top 3 Quick Things To Try If You're Not Making A Profit Online

If you have made a website with the intension of making a profit and it is not, here is the go-to checklist, you need to review before you spend any more time or money.

1) Have you submitted your website to as many directories as possible?

Here is a list of directories you need to submit to Alexa, AltaVista, All The Web, AOL, Ask, Bing, DMOZ, ExactSeek, Excite, GigaBlast, Google, Hotbot, Kanoodle, Live, Lycos, LookSmart, MSN, National Directory, Netscape, SearchIt, WebCrawler, What-U-Seek and Yahoo.

Note: Putting a list together of links and information and manually submitting your site to these top search engines works far better than using an automated system. Notice that the terms of service for these sites often explain that it takes several weeks to be indexed by them and that re-submitting your site again and again in an attempt to get noticed could actually get you banned from many of these important directories.

2) Does everything on your site work and does it look good in different browsers?

Using a different computer other than the one you created the site in is a good way to check and see what your customers are seeing.

It is possible that what you see when you're looking at your own page online, is actually utilizing information stored on your computer which the rest of the world does not have access to.

This may sound like a simple boneheaded mistake however, it happens even to the best web-designers on occasion. It's easy to fix when you isolate the problem and this can be done by simply doing a quick quality check using a different computer and testing your site with different browsers.

Browser Shots online at offers a free service in which you can submit a site. They return screen shots of how your site displays in different browsers normally in a few minutes after submission. You can also take a look at your site from a public computer at the library or at a friend's house just to see that the links work and that everything is displaying properly.

3) If your site looks good, works well and has been added to the search engines following their terms of service, it could be that you are just not getting very many visitors to your site. To compile statistics and track visitors to your site Google offers a free tool you can use at You can use this service by simply following the directions and adding a snippet of hidden code to your site all free.

If you see that you are not getting many visitors to your site by checking your Google Analytic reports, you can easily boost the numbers of visitors to your site by following the step-by-step methods found in this free traffic foundation building report at

Checking off these three items on your to-do list will put you miles above your competition and greatly increase your earning potential without you needing to spend more money or investing valuable hours of work to see results.

To learn more about getting website traffic, check out the free Traffic Foundation Blueprint report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.