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Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting Your Dream Girl.

Have you ever wondered how the other Guys get the Dream Girls they always want?. It is simple, if you notice closely, majority  follows a  very precise and well proven method. Success is yours  if you follow the simple steps below.

  •  The showing up. Be yourself.

"Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?" - Dennis and Wendy Mannering

Once you have an impulse to win a girl, never ever rush to her, Observe her for a while and understand the air around.
The key thing here is to get noticed. It is OK to be  a bit rude as long as it  helps grabbing her attention. Attitude is handy here and girls are well known to pick on attitude very easily. 
If a girls feels, that life is not centric to them, and there are other things that count in there lives, it  creates a feeling of insecurity.
They love to be secure and this can really work  wonders. It can remarkably succeed  and If implied correctly, consider yourself a step closer to getting her on date.

  • Drama creation.

Once you are sure that the girl has noticed you slowly  show genuine interest and attraction towards her for a couple of days. Then for a while maintain some  distance. This could puzzle them easily  and would  definitely give a second thought on your unusual behavior, which may result in making a dream date possible. In the mean while, make sure  not to interact with other girls because this can make them feel, that you are not interested anymore.
Be reserve in your place, do your work calmly and we can ensure an approach by her very soon.

  • Physic game 

Play a psychological game with the girl you want to date.Know her psychology and apply the tactics according to it, as this can bring your darling in your arms. Be there when she needs you and this can create a special place for you in her heart.Act to her mentality, but never lose your dignity.

  • Flattery

Mostly girls like to be praised and this can be no different with your dream girl too. 
If you really have the zeal to take her on dream date, then learn how to praise and get the ideas of sweet talks to girls. These strategies can give definitely bring the desired girl to you. But if you want to maintain a long term relationship, then do as you promise.
After reviewing the points in article, we can conclude that if anybody has a strong desire for a girl, then it all boils down doing the right, at the right time!

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